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  • Russian flutters

    With everyone from Beyonce and Kim Kardashian opting for Russian Volume lash extensions, it’s no wonder the trend is on an upward trajectory for 2017. And when it comes to [...]
  • Justin Finch set to release debut EP

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Sydney musician Justin Finch will release his debut EP Shadows Of The Dying under the moniker of Burden Man tomorrow (May 27). The record is best described [...]
  • Downsyde drop new single

    PERTH, AUSTRALIA: Western Australian based hip hop trio Downsyde have released their new single Richman, which has been plucked from the upcoming full-length album [...]
  • Planning a trip? Here’s a warning!

    Holiday planning, it’s exciting, but it can also be quite stressful. Even a simple holiday, where you fly/drive to one location and stay at that one place can often be not [...]